Sunday, April 17, 2016

After surgery

September 25th 2015

Eddie got the okay from the oral surgeon to return to solid food and she said it was okay for him to go to a birthday party at Lazer Bounce on Saturday.
The bone graft has filled in the gap in his skull and will his body will create new bone for the rest of his life.At some point, he will get the palate expander back in his mouth and then braces after that.
But for now he can eat more than scrambled eggs, pasta and Mac N Cheese - not that he 
really wants to.

October 16th 2015 

Eddie took the Doctor's TARDIS to New York Comicon.  He was thrilled to watch Dad speak
at a convention panel about Marvel megos.

On October 3rd, we went to a New York Mets game. It was freezing cold.
Good thing the promotional item that day was Mets blankets.  The night before 
was just as cold and all they handed out was fridge magnets.

On November 11th Eddie and I took the LIRR train to the 1 Subway to South Ferry and took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  It was a nice day for November - especially when the sun came out.

Went to the Christmas breakfast at our church on Dec. 15th. and met Santa.

This is Eddie , Paul's son i wanted to keep on playing basketball with my dad but my my parents made me take a picture with santa but i just wanted to keep on playing so i did it and that's the picture

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